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Who R we, eh?

The Northern Dragons are non-officialy the biggest, baddest and most active demogroup in North America.
F34r us!!
Emerging from the melting ice caps of Kanuckistan, we've been rolling since 2001, releasing prods at Assembly almost every year since then, ending 4th 3 times. Until we decided ASM sucked. We've also wiped out almost every North American demo compo for 5 years now (and no NVScene doesn't count as an NA party, too many imports:P). We've kicked butts and will continue, until we've gathered every and all copies of Dark Domains DVD !!!! mwahahaha!

so... who?

Most active are: Blacklight, BarZoule, k9d, cerror, Polaris, Guybrush.
We also have a large number of dead bodies only useful to justify the claims of bigness.

For more info, check out our page on

how to join?

The group is somewhat full, but if you have 3D hacking skillz with stuff to show off, lot of time to invest and a positive attitude... drop us a line.

how to contact?

don't contact us, we'll contact you!
(in fact it would be cool to have a little box for instant contact and stuff, but well... not now.)
..or there's the shoutbox on the left :)

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