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it's cold out here!

pimp my squid!

Textmode demo, invitation for TMDC12. Made rush and somewhat too late, but still, seems to have worked :)
dl | pouet

Sans Titre

An artistic demo made for and at BlockParty 2009, together with Virt of Brainstorm. Won 1st place.
dl | pouet

512b domination

A 512 byte intro single handedly made by polaris at the NVScene partyplace.
dl | pouet

Binary Alchemy

ND's big demo at NVScene, ended up 5th.
dl | pouet

TMDC lives again

Text mode demo, invite for TMDC 2008, first at BlockParty 2008, "collab with bawlz".
dl | pouet


Text mode demo, first at TMDC 2007, collab with xplsv.
dl | pouet


Hidden in the vis preset names are greetings to ACiD, Andromeda (software development), CNS, Trixter, all the Northern Dragons who helped make and test this (and some who didn't, heh), and the FR gba coders, for the upcuber name. Yes, I know they're not cubes. Thanks to Willbe for making the demovibes mixes that make these look the best.
So to clarify: this is an installer for a bunch of 3d visualizations for windows media player - not technically a demopack or a music disk, sort of both. These were first shown at the BlockParty 2007 party to Trixter, Blackpawn, S_Tec, and a few others.
Angry flames about visualizations not belonging on pouet can start .......... now!
dl | pouet

Step back

4k intro, 4th at ASM 2007, sota in 4k thru poor youtubage, more or less :)
dl | pouet

Zik Tape

SID musicdisk for Win32. Music by cerror and 505/CP. 3rd at Block Party 2007 as wild.
dl | pouet


fuckings to nvidia, btw. The complex scene at the end had a nice envmap that worked on every machine and card EXCEPT the dual-card sLI geforce 8800 compo machine. Ended up 1st at Blockparty 2007 anyway.
dl | pouet


Invite for Blockparty 2007. ended up 2nd at Numerica Artparty 2007. The weird pixelated glow and coder colors were ON PURPOSE! ..heavily inspired by Introversion's games and Tron.
dl | pouet

Signal to Droids

Textmode demo, 1st at TMDC 2006.
dl | pouet


4k intro, 5th at Assembly 2006.
dl | pouet


Epileptic textmode demo about a killer bunny and his friend the fox. 2nd at TMDC 2005.
dl | pouet


Apologies to bernielomax and Soul D - luaplayer/mikmod messed up loading your samples and they all turned into static :( I still think the songs sound pretty cool though. Also apologies to everyone looking at the lua script source for this thing, the dir is waaay too messy with extra crap, I'll put up a tidied up final ver soon. Move the analog stick! It controls the 3d vector-shapes. 1st as wild at Pilgrimage 2005.
dl | pouet

IN4K Announcement Intro

Little 4K done with Armada to promote the launch of the IN4K site. Released at Pilgrimage 2005.
dl | pouet

ND-001: euroTRASH

demo, 1st at Pilgrimage 2005
dl | pouet

blobzilla 4000

4k intro, 4th at Assembly 2005. music is made of a blend of GM and softsynth. metaballs are a bit blocky, but RV left the group and his asm code is too fucked up^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hoptimized to fix.
dl | pouet

ND Xmas Music Disk 2004

A little something to help celebrate Xmas. Be sure to extract with folders; or it won't find the tunes properly. Enjoy!
dl | pouet

Evo Pilgrimmix

This is a cute claymation-like remix of evolutio 4K for the Wildcompo. 2nd at Pilgrimage 2004.
dl | pouet

Rock Your Tits Off

GBA musicdisk, 8th at Pilgrimage 2004, wild compo. All 4 first track are original (unreleased before party). Music by Soul D and cerror. Girl is Erin, she's hot!
dl | pouet

Pilgrimage GBA Slideshow

5th at Pilgrimage 2005 ain wild compo. Mostly the same code as the musicdisk, same font,same scroller...but more boobies!
dl | pouet


12k intro for Pilgrimage 2004. Ended up 2nd behind a 12MB demo.
dl | pouet


4K intro, 4th at Assembly 2004.
dl | pouet

Pilgrimage 2004 (invitation)

Invitation for Pilgrimage 2004.
dl | pouet

Polaris' Birthtro

little birthdaytro for our beloved Po!
dl | pouet


Textmode raytracer in 4k for TMDC 2003. Finished 3rd.
dl | pouet

X-Mas Demo 03

little xmas directortro by PatGroove, Umdesch and Marauder.
dl | pouet


S_Tec freaking out again! 16bytes intro.
dl | pouet


4k intro, 5th at Pilgrimage 2003
dl | pouet

web distortion

Flashtro, 9th at Assembly 2003
dl | pouet


4k intro, 14th at Assembly 2003.
dl | pouet


Wild at Assembly 2003, not shown.
ARCADIA is a demo designed to run on arcade hardware. "why?" you may be asking. well, it seemed like a good idea at the time, thats basically it. I (Syntax) have wanted to do something cool with emulated arcade hardware since I first realised that it could be done. The result of many hours of hacking and reading through datasheets, ARCADIA is hopefully just the start of many more hours of hacking and reading datasheets :)
dl | pouet


4k intro, 8th at Assembly 2002.
dl | pouet

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